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Slot Dipping Device


The Slot Dipping Device has been designed to provide convenient and safe methods for dipping, sampling of storage tanks containing volatile and hazardous products.


The Slot Dipping Device has been designed to provide a convenient and safe means of manually measuring the levels and taking samples of petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and other volatile or hazardous liquids in bulk storage tanks, in pressures of up to 40" (1016 mm) WG. It is available in 6" (150 mm) size and is mounted on the roofs of tanks and can be used in place of conventional gauge hatches with the following advantages :

  • Negligible loss of vapour
  • Operators not exposed to hazardous vapours
  • No product spillage due to wiping of the tape

The Temperature and Sampling Device has been designed to provide a means of taking samples of products stored in bulk in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and allied industries. When used in conjunction with the Slot Dipping Device which is suitable for pressures up to 40" (1016 mm) WG, loss of vapour is greatly reduced.


Available in 3", 4", 6", 8" and 10".

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